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Pouring sincerity and devotion into everything that we do
erderly woman smiling with caregiver

About the Owner

The owner was a caregiver before venturing into the business of senior placement consulting, which has equipped them with the knowledge on how RCFEs operate. Their experience has trained them with First Aid, CPR, caregiver duties, and some administrative work such as medication management. Their first-hand experience, knowledge, and skills are used as an advantage when finding a place for EARNEST ELDERLY PLACEMENT SOLUTIONS’ clients.

Our History

The greatest inspiration for the owner to venture into this line of business was their grandmother, Sonia, who always wanted to go back to her homeland where all her relatives and friends are at. Unfortunately, due to Sonia’s medical condition, they couldn’t fulfill her final wish. She passed away feeling lonely and sad. The owner, then, wished to go back to the past and help Sonia fulfill her wish of staying in the place that she really loves. That is why, this time, the owner wants to make it right; this is possible with EARNEST ELDERLY PLACEMENT SOLUTIONS.

We can’t go back in the past anymore, but we can help other people — most especially, the elderly. As a senior placement consultant in Sacramento, California, we will help them find a place where they will be happy and well taken care of.

Our Mission

Be sincere and devoted in helping the elderly community find a place where they can be happy and well taken care of.

Our Vision

Grow the business by finding individuals that share the same work ethics as the company — those who are sincere and devoted to fulfilling our mission.